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Non-Nuclear Density, Temperature – Mass Meters

Slurry Density monitoring by Ceramic Ultrasonic spectroscopy

Although the ceramic ultrasonic and thermal sensors of Arenal PCS can be applied in any liquid in the world, it is mainly designed for abrasive slurries and pastes, which can be found in Mineral and Metal processing plants, dredging and tunnelling.

Arenal is actively involved in industrial slurries, like in CMP, pigment and catalysts slurries and battery pastes and potato starch slurries.

The optimal slurry for measuring density, flow and mass flow is a homogenic turbulent slurry in a pipe or vessel, with a large concentration of particles below 1 mm.

Until now, real-time slurry density monitoring in the mining industry is done with risky and expensive nuclear densitometers. With the introduction of the Arenal ultrasonic slurry density Analyser the density recording can now be performed in a more secure, user-friendly and highly accurate manner, while saving costs and allowing for quicker interventions.

Arenal is the first and only producer of ceramic ultrasonic spectroscopy sensors in the world for the determination of density, specific gravity, total suspended solids and temperature of abrasive and high concentration slurries. The ceramic sensor construction not only provides the best acoustical physical properties but also it provides the highest degree of hardness ensuring optimal abrasive resistance for the demanding applications in this industry.

Mass Meters

Nucleonic gauges use radioactive radiation, safety is the top priority are used extensively on process sites

OUR technology is safe ( only if you consider OHS to be of any importance) our Remote Management Module (mandatory with a first supply of meters, and we supply FREE ) so that we can remotely configure, analyses and supports the end customer.

  • No radioactive material
  • No need for specialized personnel
  • Environmentally conscious entrepreneurship
  • Maintenance free
  • Inline
  • Drill free & Accurate
  • Immediate response
  • Submersible

Our goal is to have 100% satisfaction from our customers. In order to achieve this is we want to make sure that our solutions can meet expectations.

We have the following process in place.

First, there is the questionnaire, which will  help us ensure through analysis  the feasibility of the project and our ability to meet if not exceed expectations

We usually set up a brief, remote chat session should we need any further clarifications

When we have a reasonably, high confidence that our solution will work, we send you a written offer

With the Remote Management Module ( Free with a first buy) we can remotely configure, analyze and support an end customer.

If we run into any issues;  using data and instrumentation,  remotely (phone, TEAMS, Remote Management Module, etc.) we tweak the operational parameters to stabilise outcomes

Our Guarantee

If we still cannot solve it we take everything back with 100% of your investment being credited. (Spool piece excluded).

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