Australian Mining Product and Services, offer our design, manufacturing, supply and logistics ( EPCM) services to every location in Australia, The Philippines and Africa, where we have representation,   as well as many other global destinations

Our intent is to make our product and services available to every industrial operation – Gas, Water, Mineral Extraction, ore beneficiation, power generation, quarrying, etc to list areas where we are currently most prolific

If you should even just want an opinion, we are available to share our considerable knowledge or direct you to sources that would best serve your need

Note – EPCM stands for Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management and is a professional engineering service contract that we offer for heavy engineering facilities across many industries. These include Energy, Agriculture, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage industries, to name a few.

Simply put, EPCM is a way of working on an engineering project which lets the project owner (our clients) stay in complete control of their project while engineering consultants (like ourselves) manage the process from start to finish.

This means the engineering consultants take care of all the stages of engineering: including planning, complex engineering requirements, coordinating all contractors and vendors, etc. on the client’s behalf and providing a single point of contact.