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We make things simple – it’s what we do


Guide and offer, valuable insights to every wear consumable available , so that YOU can actually – measure reliability in terms of either, the wear life duration or cost per ton of material handled – this allows the end user to evaluate the proposal for cost effective ness and reliability and to aid actual continuous improvement.

We manufacture and supply sites around Australia

We offer steel fabrication with rubber lining – inhouse hot or cold vulcanised or offsite cold applications, these services we can offer –

  • On site as a direct service
  • From Perth   Hot vulcanised or Cold Bonding
  • From Melbourne
  • From Brisbane – Hot Vulcanised or cold bonding

Hoses – with internals either high wear and abrasion resistant rubber wall or Ceramic inner wear lining

  1. Rubber lining
  2. pipe repair bandage and with our leak seal as well as available with 10-minute cured epoxy
  3. magnetic wear patches and linings
  4. CN backed rubber liners with ceramic face with the rubber able to be tailored to suit a wide range of extreme temperatures and continuous high operational temperatures-32 +250 C capability
  5. high impact wear epoxy
  6. Valves – Gate – Ball -Pinch – Diaphragm – control etc –
  7. A wide range of repair clamps and couplings
  8. specialist anti vibration fasteners, expansion joints

We stock many line items such as – wear liners, pulley lagging, sheet rubber , wear epoxy.

We can offer, local Specialised, chemical and acid resistant wear lining material, that can be hot Vulcanized – at our works in Brisbane, as well as we offer Australian Made Material Handling slurry hoses, , screens , wear lining and pipe repair clamps.

Our unique  pipe repair bandages and leak seal epoxy, and our wide range of magnetic wear patches are manufactures to our specifications and our Fluid handling product offer  allows end users the ability to get supply from one source we also specialize in expansion joints and pipe couplings and using OUR special coupling

You can even couple two HDPE pipes together at 20 PN or get serious pipe faults arrested before they can cause an environmental disaster.

  • Custom made imported or locally manufactured slurry hoses with wear rubber linings
  • Customer specified heavy wear resistant ceramic lined bends and straight section hoses
  • Pipe leak seal epoxy and pipe repair bandages capable of holding pressures to 5 Mpa
  • Pipe grip clamps used as couplings or stainless-steel pipe repair clamps
  • Ductile iron pipe leak arrests
  • Ceramic lined valves
  • RbSic = silicon carbide cast sections
  • Pipe tapping saddles and machines
  • Ceramic pipe tile sections
  • Weir type diaphragm and pinch valves
  • Fabricated pipe sections and joints with rubber, polyurethane or ceramic lined inner
  • Pump liners in polyurethane or rubber


Range of comprehensive pipe repair clamps,  grip couplings, Tapping saddles and pipe tapping machines and accessories.

We also specialize in expansion jointsbellows  and pipe couplings and using OUR special coupling you can even couple two HDPE pipes together at 20 PN  or get serious pipe faults arrested before they can cause an environmental disaster.

We have made and supplied many various screen designs – you can view what we have supplied of the last few years here.

Easy access here to many videos with information on pipe clamps and couplings.

A VISUAL DEMONSTRATION of how pipe repair clamps can save the day

Ceramic hoses can be coiled for transport as well installation bends

Available fabrication capability and lining to suit the application using vulcanised rubber, cold bonding, ceramic ( Alumina 92% – 95% -Rbsic ) – Teflon

With wide range of specialist valves designed to offer a one source on slurry lines and fluid handing

Motors and Gear boxes  Industrial power transmission equipment and gear boxes  Australian Mining Product and Services – Gear Drives, gear couplings and Motors

Here is a  quick over view but we suggest you may want to spend a few minutes on comprehensive over view  to help understand our proposition