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Steel Wear Liners – High Impact and Abrasion Resistant Steel plate and linings

2Australian Mining Product and Services offer various steel liners in Manganese, white irons, work Hardening steels or Chromium Carbide overlay plates mainly to compensate for areas that will not be suitable for liners made from rubber. UHMEHDPE ( Ultra High Molecular Weight High-Density Polyethylene) or poly urethans and ceramic due to the requirement of the application

Applications include Crusher liners, SAG mill linings, Puly Discharge systems, high-temperature applications, primary impact and abrasion Chute linings , hoppers and bunkers. bucket wheel reclaimers, Dump truck bodies , excavators, conveyors, buckets, dump truck bodies, and railway carriage bodies to name a few are in many instances more suited to the use of wear plates

From Branded wear liners to CCO ( chromium carbide overlay) we offer an end user what is usually best suited to their application.

Some liners are cast as in crusher liners and then heat treated to relieve stress and align the molecules to provide the best resistance to impact and abrasive wear

all liners can be supplied to size with appropriate fixing arrangements including magnetic backed high-temperature magnets

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