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Polyurethane Trommel Screens

Trommel Screens

Looking for Polyurethane Trommel screens?

Australian Mining Products and Services is Australia’s leading waste management solutions provider for industries and trommel screen manufacturers. Our Polyurethane Trommel screens will help you turn challenging materials, large quantities of aggregate, and mixed organic waste into revenue streams.

We provide trommel screens for sale in Australia for the best onsite flexibility and processing of high-volume materials that conventional plants cannot manage.

To separate and purify organic materials, such as wood chips, topsoil, compost, light demolition trash, household garbage, and aggregate, our waste management professionals and trommel screen manufacturers offer firm industrial trommel screens. Given that our trommel screen plates contain revolving drums that can roll out massive quantities of material, all of the listed materials above can pass through our equipment.

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How Can Trommel Screens Enhance Your Business Operations?

From manufacturing to mining industries, trommel screens serve various purposes. Whether it is processing and sorting out aggregates in mining or as a filter in solid waste process businesses, these screens cover it all. The trommel screens also enable the extraction of precious minerals from raw materials. In addition, it can also remove dust particles that can disrupt the efficiency of the machines used in the operations. Thus, they prove to be the ultimate partner in all your operations.

Why Choose Trommel Screens from Australian Mining Products and Services?

When you choose Australian Mining Products and Services as your Trommel screen manufacturers, you not only receive a very competitive estimate on a Trommel screen that best suits your requirements, but you also receive the support and assistance of a dealer who wants to see your company thrive.

Call us at 1300 241 620 or send an email to for more information or to place an order for Trommel Screens from us. 

Why Choose Us For Polyurethane Trommel Screens?

We understand the importance of processing high-volume materials that conventional plants cannot manage, which is why we offer trommel screens for sale that perfectly suit your needs and requirements.

Our Polyurethane Trommel Screen also has a revolving drum that can roll out massive quantities of materials. When selecting a company for Trommel screens for sale in Australia, we stand as the first choice for many.

Searching ‘trommel screens for sale in Australia’? Reach out to us. Call us today at 1300 241 620 to learn more about our offerings


It's important to consider the screen size while choosing the appropriate trommel for your operation. The majority of processes require screens with a thickness of between .3 cm and 7.6 cm, and the size chosen can have a significant impact on production speeds. You can contact us to find out how our trommel screen manufacturers use appropriate trommel screens for your business. 

Trommel screens may be used in a wide range of industrial applications, given that they are very effective at sorting and filtering solid materials according to size. Whether it's to process and sort out aggregates for mining, to screen for higher-quality materials in food, to serve as a filter in a process in the solid waste processing business, or to operate as a filter in manufacturing facilities, trommel screens are versatile in their use

In addition to these advantages, trommel machines outperform other industrial screening methods with:

  • Ideal size separations.
  • Large barrel screen for quick processing and simple loading.
  • large processing capability.
  • low power use.
  • long lifespan.
  • minimal upkeep.

To extract precious minerals from raw materials, trommel screens are used. Small materials that are too small to be utilized in the crushing step are separated by the screen. Additionally, it aids in the removal of dust particles that would otherwise reduce the efficiency of the machines used in the operations farther downstream.

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