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Fluid Handling

Fluid Handling

Australian Mining Product and Services offer the end-user standard off-the-shelf and  fluid handing componentry that is custom-designed to suit the requirements of the application

We assist every end -user design the optimum Fluid handling product offer  that allows the ability to get supply from one source

Our Locally produced- Australian Made Slurry material handling hoses or our imported options are designed to offer flexibility, reliability and an inner lining designed to meet operational requirements

If needed we have  pipe repair bandages ( fibre glass, polyurethane infused pipe wrap ) capable of holding pressures from 4 Mpa to 15 Mpa

Pipe grip clamps used as couplings or stainless-steel pipe repair clamps

Ductile iron pipe leak arrests

Ceramic lined valves

RbSic = silicon carbide cast sections

Pipe tapping saddles and machines

Ceramic pipe tile sections

Weir-type diaphragm and pinch valves

Fabricated pipe sections and joints with rubber, polyurethane, PTFE (                   TEFLON ) or ceramic-lined inner

Pump liners in polyurethane or rubber

Seals, packing, O-Rings and Gaskets

Expansion joints or bellows



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