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Wear Linings

Wear Lining

Wear Linings

Australian Mining Product and Services

  • Design of Material and fluid handling transfer components.
  • Offer 3d general arrangement, shop drawings to aid visual understand as well as fabrication.
  • Co-ordination and oversee the manufacture of all work to the relevant required standard.
  • Offer an on going asset wear reliability monitoring and reporting program to assist with a measurable outcome to deliver reach going improvements.

Our objective with any wear lining is to offer the end user sufficient relevant information, that will enable the end user to determine.

  1. the best suited wear lining material for the application.
  2. the optimum thickness of linear
  3. the best profile in the liner
  4. the optimum fixing arrangements

Australian Mining Product and services do not preference one specific liner material over another lining rather we identify the wear lining material to be used to deliver

  1. an improved reliability on liner life
  2. an increase in the plant and equipment up time
  3. a reduction in the maintenance change over durations
  4. an improvement in material flow by elimination material blockages

Our range of wear lining materials cover

  • Rubber sheeting, used in rubber of launders, pipes, tanks
  • Moulded wear rubber liners
  • Ceramic and composite liners

92% Alumina

Zirconia Toughened Alumina (ZTA)

Partially Stabilized Zirconia (PSZ)

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