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Australian Mining Product And Services – designers, manufacturers and supplies to the Mineral resource, Oil and Gas Sectors

 wear protection, fluid dynamics and consumables – Australian Mining Products & Services, provide standard as well as custom designed products to suit the application. Our innovative approach, cost-effective options and result-oriented components are designed to ensure that all your plant and equipment application requirements are met.

Independent Australian-owned suppliers and manufacturers of pipe repair clamps,   pipe repair bandages with specialised dry and wet, leak seal epoxy, Magnetic Wear Patch and linings, gaskets, seals, rubber, Alumina, silicon-carbide and PTFE ( Teflon ) lines pipes and valves,  expansion joints, screen media

Offering selection of products and its design to suit the requirements of the application, empowering the end user with all relevant information to allow for making informed decisions that can yield measurable results, aid continuous improvement and lower their maintenance costs. 

All our products are designed to improve plant production and reliability, as well as ensure safety. They also aid in facilitating a reduction in unscheduled maintenance stoppages.

Australian Mining Products & Services is an Australian-based company that manufactures and supplies professional design, project management, site maintenance, corrosion control, specialised site labour, and many more such services.

Designers, drafters, manufacturers and suppliers

Products designed to reduce unscheduled maintenance, improve product reliability and avert environmental catastrophes.  Educate end users to allow them to effectively measure reliability in terms of either, the wear life duration or cost per ton of material handled and aid actual continuous improvement.

An overview of what we offer

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    Single Point Supply

    Mineral Resources, Gas, water and hydrocarbons plant and Accessories – Active leak repair; Repair Bandages, Magnetic Wear Patch and liners, hose and pipe couplings and clamps, Hoses, Valves. Screen Media, sealing, Ceramic liners

    Fluid Handling

    We offer our customers standard off-the-shelf fluid handling or customised to suit all requirements of the application – ranges include – Slurry and water handling hoses – valves – sealing, pastes plant pipes, fabricated and lined pipes

    Pipe Repair Bandage

    Active leak seal and repair kits and repair bandages with free all-purpose dry and wet leak seal epoxy with special wrap- underwater epoxy and instant repair bandges 

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    leak seaql epoxy

    Pipe Repair Bandage

    shape steel back and studs


    PTFE Lined

    Fluid Handling




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    Our products are designed to meet expectation based on the operational parameters supplied at the time of design selection or we supply as per the exact requirements of an end user. Our products have always with proper care and maintenance, met every operational reliability ….. In case of any complications, feel free and do not hesitate to contact us at

    We offer mining products such as wear linings, magnetic wear patch and linings screening media, fabricated lined spools and hoses for fluid handling, pipe repair bandage, grinding mill linings and conveyor belts- lagging, skirting and accessories. Feel free to browse through our catalogue and contact us for any inquiries.

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