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Pipe Repair Clamps and Pipe Couplings – including High Pressure Pipe Grip Clamps and Couplings for Gas and Water

Pipe Grip Clamps and Couplings

Pipe Repair Grip clamps and couplings

While leaking problems in the water, natural gas and oil pipelines are a costly and difficult process to repair, with the widespread use of Easy Repair Clamps, both public institutions and private sector companies have been saved from exposure to extremely high costs and the sustainability of infrastructure services has been increased. 

We have assisted in numerous leakage problems and provided significant savings. Repair clamps are flexible clamps consisting of one or more sections of stainless-steel rubber-coated bands. They are used for fast, easy and permanent repair of worn, damaged or broken pipes.  It has been developed by our talented experts to ensure smooth performance. We are proud to help solve many domestic and international problems with our services and products.

Australian Mining Product and Services, offer clams and couplings duly tested and are reliable and custom-made, suiting accurate application requirements.

Whether your task requires us to wear protection or to deal with toxic or difficult liquids and chemicals, Australian Mining Product and Services is here to fulfil all your needs.

Flexible pipe coupling plays a crucial role when it comes to connecting different pipe sections. Flexing pipe couplings help join different pipe sections together, whilst also maintaining the integrity of the pipes involved in this process. For the mining industry, high-pressure pipe couplings and clamps are very important. Most pipe installations require several lengths of pipe to be joined in order to achieve the desired outcome. Flexible pipe couplings and pipe grip clamps ensure that these lengths of pipes are installed correctly and according to the direction required.

A pipe coupling is a short tube or pipe in length which features a socket or female pipe threads at either or both ends. Flexible pipe coupling functions to join together two different pipes which may be of the same or different size.

Pipe Repair Grip Clamps and flexible pipe coupling collaborate together to join pipes together.

Various Functions Of Pipe Couplings:

Flexible pipe couplings and tapping saddles provide many different functions, allowing the ability to

  • Change the size of a pipe
  • Fix a broken or leaking pipe
  • Terminate or extend a pipe run

Pipe couplings in Australia are used in a manner that is sensitive to their purpose.

The body of a pipe coupling is always made of materials that it is going to be used for. Our Pipe couplings at Australian Mining Product and Services are made with either stainless – steel or ductile iron and can be used to , extend, repair or join pipes of various substrates – such as – Cast Steel, Polyethylene, cement etc.

The characteristic of a pipe coupling depends on its requirement, whether it is meant to be rigid or flexible, and whether the application is temporary or permanent.

A pipe coupling can be increased or decreased from the diameter internally in order to join pipes of different sizes. For example, a cross-shaped or T-shaped pipe can be joined together by changing the diameter of the two pipes to form bends of different required angles! Pipe couplings also come with additional features like valves, flow meters and inspection openings.

High-Pressure Pipe Clamps:

Pipe clamps are special-grade fasteners that are used for clamping pipes together for mining services. With the help of pipe clamps, securing pipes and tubes become stress-free in all types of mining-related installations. Clamps are usually designed for water flow purposes for tubes. Pipe clamps are designed in a way that one end is fixed and the other is adjustable, making fastening to the desired degree easy.

At Australian Mining Product and Services, offer a product that suits the applications and aids quick installation

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What are the basic features of a repair clamps?

A pipe repair coupling is suitable for metallic pipes and non-metallic pipes and requires nothing special on media inside the pipe, pipe thickness and end face.

Wide range of applications :  use on most standard pipes as well as has excellent durability and keeps pressure bearing and leakage-proof of the pipes with axial displacement, angular deviation with an inconsistent external diameter at the same time.

Flexible and convenient operation: the product is light, compact in size and can be installed and dismantled quickly with simple tools.

Reliable material quality that guarantees safety: Dedicated structural design and good fireproofing material quality guarantee safety when it is installed in fire-prone and anti-explosion areas of a plant.

Products Overview

Pipe couplings are easy to install, saving both unnecessary and unscheduled plant shutdowns that curtail production .

Our pipe couplings allow pipes to be joined without the need for flanging, grooving, threading or welding

Installation is by simply butting two pipes together and connecting them with a pipe coupling – this save space and is secure

What are the benefits of repair clamps and pipe couplings ?

1. Universal use

    • Compatible with any traditional jointing system

    • Joins pipes of the same or dissimilar materials

   • Quick and simple repairs of damaged pipes without service interruptions

2. Reliable

    • Stress-free, flexible pipe joint

   • Compensates axial movement and angular deflection

   • Pressure-resistant and leak-proof even with inaccurate pipe assembly

3. Easy handling

    • Detachable and reusable

    • no further maintenance

   • fitted quickly

   • simple technology

4. Durable

   • good sealing

   • grips tight

   • Corrosion; temperature, hydrocarbons and chemical applications

   • reliability in services

5. Space-saving – and safe

   • Compact design allows for greater pipe tolerances in diameters and length

   • Lightweight

   • Easy installation, no fire or explosion hazard during installation

   • No cost for protective measures

   • Absorbs vibration /oscillations

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