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Written by admin on January 20, 2023 in education and news

Australian Mining  Products and Services allow operations to obtain most of their plant operational needs from one vendor, which not only can reduce costs considerably but ensures that a single source is aware of all critical aspects pertaining to a requirement. This allows all persons involved to be able to evaluate and implement continuous improvement.

We have the ability to offer what is best suited to the operational parameters as we can design, source and supply a range of product

the links below are some of what we recommend and have the ability to offer

Being able to get all your operational and plant requirements from one supplier has many advantages

  1. Pricing
  2. compatibility across requirements so that each step complements the one previous and after
  3. Quality improvement to prolong the  duration between maintenance cycles
  4. co-ordinated delivery
  5. makes for a closer relationship between the supplier and the purchaser
  6. single responsibility improves purchaser time management

Being in a position to discuss your requirement with a single point offers many advantages like

  1. the ability to have one point of contact across a number of different disciplines ensuring compatible sections and eliminating the possibility of specification conflict
  2. the ability to schedule deliveries and so manage budget constraints
  3. improve operational parameters
  4. get better quality
  5. improve the purchaser’s ability to eliminate possible operational constraints