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Rubber Impact Wear Bars with fasteners to suit

Wear Bars

Australian Mining Product and Services Pty limited stock of Rubber Impact Wear bars in various sizes and can be supplied with or without stainless steel fasteners

Wear Bars are commonly used to hold back or divert material flow and absorb moderate impact, their ability to be fastened at any point not only allows a secure fastening of the bar to the substrate and flexibility in the location of fasteners

Bars have been used

  • as diverters on vibration screen decks
  • inside chutes in rock boxes
  • Hoppers and bins
  • in many smaller grinding mills, these bars serve as lifter bars
  • on impact cradles under conveyors

We usually can advise of the best applications

our usual standard sizes are 100 x 100 x 1500 or a larger 150 x 150 x 1500

Australian Mining Product and Services also supply polyurethane-topped bars



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