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Chrome Carbide Overlay is a special clad steel plate manufactured by a special overlay weld depositing, ultra abrasion resisting alloy on the base metal made of mild steel plate. Our special automatic welding method has made it possible to manufacture hard, high-quality plates that are practically free from cracks and welding beads.


➊ The main advantage of chromium carbide is its excellent abrasion resistance, especially the precipitation of various kinds of carbide, which has made it possible to be used for the parts that require strong abrasion wear, erosion wear, and impact toughness.

➋ The surface of chromium carbide overlay sheet liners is generally quite smooth irregularities, cracks and welding beads are eliminated to the inconceivable level that the conventional CCO  ( chromium carbide overlay ) could not achieve.

➌ Chromium Carbide Overlay sheet liners have a uniform chemical composition and hardness(60-64HRC) throughout the thickness, with hardness difference throughout thickness normally below 3 Rockwell units

➍ 1.5-4 times service life when compared to conventional overlay plates.


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