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  • Rubber lining Services
    • Cold bonded or hot vulcanised
    • Tank and vessels lined
  • Wear and abrasion
    • resistant liners – rubber, steel( ARCO plate, Bisalloy, etc)
    • Ceramics (Aluminia, reaction bonded silica carbide or Zirconia Toughened Aluminia)
    • Rubber sheet
    • Skirting rubber
    • Conveyor refurbishments
  • Remedial concrete repairs with Poly Urea spray-on corrosion protection
  • Fluid Dynamic
    • Pipe repair bandages
    • Pipe repair epoxies
    • Pipe clamps, Tapping saddles, and machines
    • Material handling hoses – rubber or ceramic lined
    • Valves – sluice gate valves, pinch, diaphragm, butterfly, etc
    • Gaskets and seals
    • Expansion joints
  • Mill linings
    • Manganese steel
    • Moulded rubber
    • Hand laid discharge systems
    • Discharge grates