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Magnetic wear patches

Magnetic wear patches

Magnetic wear patches and liners are a necessity on every mine site and in many instances have averted major environmental and financial critical disasters as well as ensure that unscheduled shutdowns, that result in many hours of loss production are averted.

Our magnetic wear liners are custom manufactured to your application requirements.

Our magnetic wear patches are designed to help reduce costly unscheduled downtime, reduced cost-per-ton, improve plant availability and profitability and assure very little maintenance.

We request that you return to us, all used patches and liners, for safe disposal that meets environmental best practices.

  • tested to ensure long life and protection against impact, cut, tear, and abrasion
  • are very simple to place in position
  • safe and we make every effort to comply with over-head object safety requirements by using extremely powerful magnets that hold liner against chute wall
  • use a durable cotton-based handle to make carrying easy and that is essential for removal

Many liner installations are not suitable for traditional fastening systems and are good candidates for our magnetic mounting technology.


Magnetic Mounting

Our engineering team calculates the required pull force needed based on the liner size and the specific application. The powerful magnets are permanently bonded and encapsulated into the liners along with an internal design that directs the magnetic force to the mounting side of the liner. This maximizes the hold force to prevent unwanted removal of the liners after installation.

We have several standard liners sizes for common applications, but we can custom build any wear protection systems that solve specific problems. We start with the application in mind. Our liners contain abrasion. In addition, we uses different ceramic chemistries and a wide variety of shapes like: custom cut tile, cubes, bricks, balls and cylinders to create the right product for the application.

Magnetic Liner Advantages:

  • No fabrication penetration required
  • Easy to install
    • No bolting
    • No clamping
    • No welding
    • No adhesives
  • Fast Installation

(Below) Launder Liner with Rubber-Ceramic held in place with internal
magnets – no holes or hardware needed.

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