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Pipe Lining – Chute and Hopper Lining

In-house cold or hot rubber lining of spools and vessels

Our linings are installed in chutes, hoppers, transfer points, and other applications that are subject to wear. They provide enough wear and chemical protection to keep maintenance costs low and material flow high. Long-lasting, durable wear linings have a significant impact on process flow, machine uptime, and safety when used in the right application.

Our liners are made of different materials, such as: 

  • Steel of different material compositions and properties
  • UHMW
  • PTFE (Teflon)
  • Standard SBR liners 20-40-60-80-100-120 thick
  • Rubber sheeting from 3 mm thick to 25 mm thick
  • Polyurea and spray on linings
  • Polyurethanes
  • Ceramic – Alumina 92% or 95 % blocks –
  • Ceramic wear liners with rubber backing – 6- 8 -14 -20 -32 – 37 –   67 – 110
  • Ceramics that have an impact absorption backing
  • Reaction-bonded Silicon Carbides RbSic
  • Zirconia Toughened Alumina (ZTA) or Partially Stabilised Zirconia (PSZ)
  • Magnetic-backed ceramic faced wear linings

As well as strategically placed rock boxes

To help create a safe and durable liner that is most suited to your needs, we provide conventional linings in addition to linings that we customize for particular objectives.

  • Lump size
  • Height of feed to the impact surface
  • Required discharge rates
  • Moisture content

Parameters that affect the selection of the liners are:                        

  • Ore Mohs Hardness
  • Method of feeding
  • Feed rate
  • Angle of trajectory
  • Lump size
  • Height of feed to the impact surface
  • Required discharge rates
  • Moisture content

Why Choose Australian Mining Product & Services?

The right material choice will provide a dependable product and efficiency that can be monitored to influence the outcome of continuous development at a cost-effective rate per ton of ore handled.

Our fastening methods also provide speed and flexibility, and we aim to eliminate the majority of instances that call for human handling and heated work.

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In the mining industry, a material that is resistant to wear and noise reduction is referred to as a chute liner.

Successful material movement is essential for industries, especially for preserving the functionality of chutes and their lining. Purchasing high-quality liners will shield the chute from harm, sustain operations, boost output, and save downtime. Call us to get more details.

Engineered, cutting-edge, high-quality, and high-performance anti-wear abrasion resistant chute lining, including polyurethane, wear liners and rubber wear liners, significantly reduce the ongoing maintenance needs, operating costs, and engineered belt conveyor productivity gains for bulk materials handling.

Hopper lining is made to withstand more extreme circumstances and endure longer than regular steel. Wear-resistant chute liners are economical since they offer a superior defence, such as corrosion resistance, and lengthen the lifespan of your chutes.

One of the most popular pipes in the mining sector is HDPE. The usage of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes in mining applications are more common than ever, and pipeline systems are also undergoing innovations. The transition from metal to HDPE pipe can be seen in a variety of applications, including non-process systems, metal and mineral recovery, and a number of others. Additionally, mine operations that use HDPE pipes have lower costs for both their capital expenditures and operating expenses.

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