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Innovative ceramic ultrasonic (non-nuclear) spectroscopy and thermal analysers for the determination of Slurry Density, Specific Gravity, Total Suspended Solids, flow, mass flow and temperature of abrasive and high-concentration slurries. The ceramic sensor constructions not only provide the best acoustical and thermal physical properties but also it provides the highest degree of hardness ensuring optimal abrasive resistance for the high demanding applications in this industry.

Slurry density recording in the mining industry is often being performed with risky and expensive nuclear densitometers.

Using our ultrasonic slurry density analysers, the density recording can now be performed in a more secure, user-friendly and highly accurate manner, while saving costs and allowing for quicker interventions.

Measuring slurry flow is in most cases performed with magnetic flow meters from other brands.  In combination with the slurry density analyzer, the flow and mass flow can be determined now with the same accuracy as with magnetic flow meters, but for a much lower price and without the need for maintenance!

Ultrasonic spectroscopy are used to monitor concentrations and density for all mining and industrial slurries and paste, we offer suitable mounting solutions and calibration models.

Ceramic Thermal mass flow sensors are used to monitor abrasive slurries and pastes. However, due to density changes, the thermal conductivity of such slurries change. This is compensated when the technology is combined with the ultrasonic slurry density analysers


Australian Mining Product and Services Pty Limited,  strongly believes our designers/ manufacturers, global suppliers that process Analysers with disadvantages like reagent use, nuclear issues, erosion, short lifetime, high cost will be eliminated from the plant floor sooner or later.

Their investments mainly in physical property sensors, which have proven to be of very good quality, are of critical importance with safety foremost in mind”